Our TEAMWORK In The Laboratory.

“TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.”

This popular acronym is very true, but in reality, how does it work and what application does it have to your laboratory? To find out we turned to our own team for ideas and this is what they said….

“Have a common purpose and goal”

The concept of a lone scientist toiling away in the lab is history. Communicate your key goals and get the team united behind a common purpose. The results will speak for themselves. Deliver Quality Testing Services to our Regulated Clients in a Timely and Cost Effective Manner. We hope that the team work we are performing behind the scenes is helping us to meet or exceed client expectations. If for some reason they are not, please be sure to let one of our Team Members know.

“Celebrate Successes together”

Celebrate successes together – appreciate the work of teammates and say thanks for even small contributions. As a team leader, it is important to give each team member the credit that is due to them. Often it is the smallest cog in the machine that keeps it moving. Many laboratory personnel spend their time doing repetitive daily tasks, it all contributes to the whole, so appreciate it.

“Teamwork encourages Creativity”

As we said earlier, Teamwork encourages collaboration which embraces a positive attitude and promotes good work ethics, which in turn leads to further ideas and creativity. This results in exploring more options and ideas than can be expected from working individually.

“The 3C’s of Teamwork.”

Contribution, Cooperation, Communication. These three core values are essential ingredients for any team. Each member is to be valued, so respect them! They may not be able to complete the tasks as well as you but if they can do it 80% of the way you would do it, you should be 100% happy.

“Have clear tasks and deadlines”

A report can be completed more effectively in a shorter time if it is broken down into smaller specific tasks for each member. All the information, data and findings can then be collated into one complete report, on time.

“The Strength Of The Team Is Each Individual Member. The Strength Of Each Member Is The Team.” – Phil Jackson.

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